Domestic Abuse 1 2
Define Issue
Agency suspects individual may be subjected to or at risk of, domestic abuse.
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Consider that domestic abuse takes many forms including physical, mental and/or sexual abuse
Is it safe to ask the person whether they are at risk of/ subject to, domestic abuse?
Avoid Stereotyping
If NOT safe then don’t
ask the question
Provide information on Housing Options
Information on partner services
Limited housing options partner search list
Consider presence of related factors however please note that there are often NO obvious signs:
  • Poor mental health
  • Addiction: alcohol/ drugs
  • Child protection issues inc. previous history of child sexual abuse
  • History of violence in household/engagement with criminal justice system
  • Little or no control over household finances
  • Regular contact/ interaction with Primary Care/ Acute Health services
  • Poor physical health
  • Prostitution
  • Remember that it might be difficult to identify incidence of abuse.
  • Domestic abuse is often not linked to chaotic behaviour, neither is it restricted by age or socio-economic circumstances
  • Good practice is to subtly provide leaflets/information with other housing information/advice
  • Multi agency pack would be useful to download online