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NHS Fife Keep Well

Local Authority Area Search: Fife
Provider/Agency: NHS Fife
Name of service/project: NHS Fife Keep Well

Address: Lynebank Hospital, Dunfermline
Postcode: KY11 4UW
Telephone: 01383 565380
Email Address:
Service Opening Hours: 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday

Services Provided
Services provided: Keep Well offers preventative health checks for heart disease and related conditions.
Accommodation provider: No
Information advice & advocacy: Information and Advice
Care & Support: Yes
Education, training & employment: No
Health & wellbeing: Yes
Practical assistance:New and review health checks (every 5 years) are available.

Other Information
Gender: All genders
Age Group: 35-64
Other Information: Clients must be between ages 40-64 years (up to 65th birthday) and living in the worst 20% postcode areas in Fife. Aged 35-64 years (up to 65th birthday) belonging to one of the following vulnerable populations or groups living in any Fife postcode area; Gypsy Travellers, Homeless, Substance misusers.